One size doesn’t fit all

It’s no secret that the antiquated ‘one size fits all’ system of education isn’t working. We recently conducted informal face-to-face interviews with educators. They are feeling under funded and overwhelmed with state standard requirements, overcrowded classrooms, etc. Also, all of the teachers we talked to acknowledge that diversity of learning skill levels in their classrooms. They expressed frustration with the inability to help all of their students. These professional educators witness on a daily basis the students being left behind. All of them expressed their deepest concerns. What’s the answer?

Leave a comment to share your opinion about today’s academic environment and standardized testing?

Has this happened to you…

We want your opinion about today’s educational environment.

Is your child intimidated by math word problems? Does your child have difficulty passing state standardized math tests?

In today’s academic environment many students are being left behind by the current system of education. We’re interested in your opinion about this situation.

  • What do you think the problems are with the education system today?
  • What do you think the potential solutions are?

We want to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below.
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